About Us

Live Greens

As the name suggest is the place where we deal with healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.

It has found it origin from a group of friends hailing from agriculture families who breathed fresh air, and ate healthy natural food in their villages in their childhood years.

Feeling suffocated with air and food pollution they decided to make people who care about their health the naturally and organically grown/processed foods available to the people who came for healthy living.

We Grow

We are involved in organic farming, ourselves and take all the care from seeds to getting end product without using any chemicals or fertilisers. We continuously update ourselves with the latest technologies and trends in the Agri World to improve our products both in quality and quantity.

Customers Options:

Mango Export Quality

Live Greens is happy to inform all the customers that organically grown mangoes are available at our outlet during this mango season (April to July). Those are farm fresh and export quality and you can order them online also.